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Septic System Education

Ciudad SWCD, with funding from USEPA and NMED, contracted Cooney Watson & Associates to produce a series of informational brochures about septic system management for system owners, for Realtors and for septic system contractors. Cooney Watson and Associates also produced a postcard notice that was sent to all septic system owners identified by the Bernalillo County Office of Environmental Health. In addition, Cooney Watson and Associates organized a well-attended public meeting at the Los Vecinos Community Center in Tijeras, NM.

The motivation for this effort was the finding in the October 2005 Middle Rio Grande Microbial Source Tracking Assessment Report that 16% of the fecal coliform bacteria polluting the Rio Grande are from human sources, probably including mis-managed and failing septic systems. Ciudad SWCD produced the brochures and organized the public meeting in support of the public outreach efforts of our partner organization, the Middle Rio Grande Stormwater Quality Team.

For more information, please see the downloadable brochures below or call Ciudad SWCD at (505) 510-DIRT.


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