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Green Infrastructure

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Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development represent sustainable approaches to managing storm runoff, especially in urban environments. GI and LID typically exploit natural processes such as infiltration, evaporation and microbial decomposition to mitigate pollutant levels in runoff before it reaches stream, river or lake. Implementing GI and LID in semi-arid environments, such as prevail within the Ciudad SWCD boundaries, can be challenging. Since 2010, annual conferences have been organized in Albuquerque to address these challenges. Documents produced for the annual conferences can be found here.

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Since 2003, Ciudad SWCD has sponsored a long-term demonstration project in Tijeras, NM illustrating low-tech, cost-effective green infrastructure approaches to sustainable management of urban runoff. Information related to the Tijeras Creek Restoration Project can be found in the sidebar.

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In 2021, Ciudad SWCD used grants from the NM Soil and Water Conservation Commission and the from the Alliance for Water Efficiency to construct a prototype passive rainwater harvesting swale and basin feature at the historic Gutierrez-Hubbell House in Bernalillo County, and to produce a series of instructional videos about how such residential-scale passive rainwater harvesting features can be economically and simply constructed and maintained. To view the instructional video series and to sign up as a Residential Rainwater Ambassador (optional and voluntary) please visit this link.

Ciudad SWCD also sipports the Backyard Refuge Program offered by the Friends of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge. See below for a local plant guide produced by the Backyard Refuge Program.

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