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ABC Tree Stewards

Tree New Mexico is now fully facilitating the Tree Stewards Training for 2024.

More information can be found here. Applications will be accepted starting May 1, 2024


Ciudad SWCD has worked in partnership on this program in the past.


The ABC Tree Stewards program is geared for citizens interested in volunteering to promote and enhance a healthy urban forest. Hands-on and classroom training sessions will cover:

• Tree identification

• Tree anatomy

• Pruning

• Propagation

• Irrigation and more

After the training, Tree Stewards volunteer with the City of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County Parks and Open Space to help with a variety of projects such as tree planting, education, inventory and pruning. Studies show that trees, besides providing welcome shade, contribute to a healthier, safer, less-stressful environment. The ABC Tree Stewards program is your chance to help our community, one tree at a time!


Past Program run in partnership with Ciudad SWCD.

2022 Tree Stewards Information

Tree New Mexico will be facilitating the ABC Tree Steward training program beginning this March 2022. Please pass this on if you know anyone that might be interested and feel free to include this opportunity on your website, Facebook Page and in your newsletters. Applications are being received until February 11.

Spanning 12 weeks, the program includes both online and recorded weekly classes taught by local arborists, landscape architects, water engineers, water authority and extension staff and scientists from other private nonprofits around the state. It includes many hands-on, practical opportunities like tree identification walks, pruning, planting, and tree diagnosing classes.

The overall ABC Tree Steward Program curriculum includes identifying tree species and diagnostics, learning about climate-ready tree species that have the best chance of survival as the climate changes, identifying the best location and conditions for each species, planting and pruning and overall tree care. Following the training there will also be opportunities for assessing, measuring, monitoring, and mapping trees on GPS software used by multiple groups and agencies in NM.

The expectation after the class is that Tree Stewards will volunteer to support trees in NM and continue to increase their own knowledge and skills while supporting urban forestry.

In addition, Tree New Mexico has several scholarships available for people associated with the International District through our EPA Environmental Justice grant and would love to see the number of trained tree experts in the International District increase.

The application for the ABC Tree Stewards is now available (through Feb. 11) on Tree New Mexico’s website.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding submitting an application or participation in the program, please email Kelly White at or call her on her cell phone: 505-379-1866.

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