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Subdivision Reviews

Under New Mexico statues, Ciudad SWCD is authorized to review terrain management plans for all new developments proposed within its boundaries (i.e. within Bernalillo County and southern Sandoval County) [47-6-11(F)(4) NMSA]:

"F. In determining whether a subdivider can fulfill the requirements of Subsections B and C of this section, the board of county commissioners shall, within ten days after the preliminary plat is deemed complete, request opinions from ...

(4) the soil and water conservation district to determine:

(a) whether the subdivider can furnish terrain management sufficient to protect against flooding, inadequate drainage and erosion; and

(b) whether the subdivider can fulfill the proposals contained in the subdivider's disclosure statement concerning terrain management;"

For guidance in submitting terrain management plans for review by Ciudad SWCD, please contact Ciudad SWCD at (505) 510-DIRT.

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