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Astrid Mooney

Position: District Manager
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Astrid began working with Ciudad SWCD in  October 2017 and started her career with the District as the Fiscal Intern.  Astrid earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of New Mexico in 2019 and served as Finance and Administration Manager for five years.  Astrid currently serves as the District Manager and Chief Procurement Officer for Ciudad SWCD. Astrid thoroughly enjoys working with Ciudad SWCD and has watched Ciudad SWCD expand over the years. Her favorite part is collaborating with various agencies and organizations, as well as  working with private landowners. Astrid is pleased to work with a passionate team of staff members. As many do in New Mexico, Astrid has a love for nature, she  would like to ensure that our landscape is preserved for future generations.  Astrid will be stepping down as the District Manager come August 2024, but will be staying on staff until December 2024 to assist with the transition process. 

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