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Updates From Urban Waters Locations

Anacostia River Watershed (DC/MD) — The Anacostia Riverkeeper, Trey Sherard, was recognized as a 2022 River Hero by River Network. Trey serves as a community organizer and a voice for the Anacostia River. In addition to coordinating Anacostia Riverkeeper’s Clean Waterways cleanup series, he manages several Bandalong litter traps and ARK’s green infrastructure program. Most recently, Trey used volunteer-collected data to advocate for and unanimously pass the polystyrene foam ban in Washington, DC. His gifts of inspiration and education make him a powerful advocate for a fishable and swimmable Anacostia.

Caño Martín Peña (CMP) / San Juan (PR) —The San Juan Bay Estuary Program was visited by EPA during the week of June 10, 2022. EPA officials visited Estuario’s Visitor Center in Old San Juan and heard updates about the progress of the Work Plan. EPA also met with different communities including the Community of Puente Blanco in Cataño, where they met with civic leaders.

Los Angeles River (Los Angeles, CA) — LA River Urban Waters Partnership members will participate in LA Walks of Resilience and Accountability hosted by Walking Water in August in order to reflect and connect with community members about water issues including sustainability, equity and scarcity.

Middle Rio Grande/Albuquerque (New Mexico) — The Middle Rio Grande/Albuquerque Urban Waters Partnership held a quarterly meeting on June 14, 2022.

Mystic River Watershed/Greater Boston (MA) — Two Mystic River Watershed Association staff members, Melanie Gárate, Climate Resiliency Manager, and Andy Hrycyna, Watershed Scientist, received Urban Waters Learning Network awards at this year’s River Rally in Washington, D.C. Melanie received an Expert Award in the category of Environmental Justice & Equity and Andy received an Expert Award in the category of Water Quality & Monitoring.

Passaic River (Newark, NJ) — On May 31 and June 1, 2022, Wilderness Inquiry’s Canoemobile visited Newark Riverfront Park. Wilderness Inquiry’s Canoemobile program is a non-profit “floating classroom” that is open to all ages. While on the canoe, participants learn about the science, history, geography and culture of local waterways. 

Rio Reimagined – Salt / Gila River Corridor (Tempe, AZ) — Arizona State University’s Sustainable Cities Network (SCN) hosted a workgroup meeting on Arizona heat resilience on the first and third Thursday of June. These meetings bring together public, private and NGO stakeholders involved in extreme heat mitigation. SCN will also host a Climate & Resilience Workgroup Meeting.


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