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Instructions for submitting 

OPTION 1 (PREFERRED) Create a slideshow that addresses the following :

Student Voice and Participation. Tell us briefly how all students were able to participate and contribute to the process.

Practicality. Did you have all the resources you needed to complete the various stages of this project. Did you experience any obstacles or barriers that you didn’t anticipate?

Civic Engagement. Did you involve community members outside of your classroom in the process? Who else participated or contributed in this project

  • How many others outside of your classroom did this process reach? Please give an estimate of the total number reached and explain who that was.

Impact. Did you ask for change from decision makers or people in power? Is the ask for change reasonable. How will it benefit your community? What was the change you asked for?

OPTION 2: Fill out this form to submit:  ACTION PROJECT SUBMISSION FORM

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