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Christina Carrero, Urban Waters Ambassador shared the following:

Location and sponsoring agency/organization: Bronx & Harlem Rivers Watershed, sponsored by the Hudson River Foundation and NY/NJ Harbor & Estuary Program

Favorite part of the watershed: I don’t have one single favorite part of the watershed as I’m still getting to know all its different aspects. However, I had the opportunity to take a bike tour around the Bronx to see parts of the Harlem River watershed which was very exciting and enlightening. We’re gaining a better understanding of the transportation and access along the Harlem River as we look toward planning for the Harlem River Greenway.

Current priorities: Our primary Partnership priorities are wrapping up our current workplan projects and planning for the 2023/2024 workplan revision.

Best accomplishment to date: I’ve spent most of my time getting to know my partners and local community organizers, but I’m looking forward to our first full partnership meeting in late October.