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Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation

Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation (CMRA) integrates information from across the federal government to help people consider their local exposure to climate-related hazards. Community organizations and local, Tribal, state or Federal government agencies can use the site to help develop equitable climate resilience plans to protect people, property and infrastructure. The CMRA website also directs visitors to Federal grant funds for climate resilience projects, including those available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. To view the CMRA, click here.

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GLIMPSE is a decision support modeling tool being developed by EPA that will assist states with energy and environmental planning through the year 2050. A key feature is that users can specify energy, air quality and water use goals within GLIMPSE, which then identifies cost-effective strategies for meeting those goals. States could use GLIMPSE to develop air quality management strategies that also meet renewable electricity targets, energy security objectives and factor in how droughts could affect power plant operations. To learn more about GLIMPSE, click here.

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Addressing Racial Equity — Urban Waters Learning Network Webinar Series

In this short video series, Jennifer Arnold (Reciprocity Consulting, LLC) and Darryl Haddock (West Atlanta Watershed Alliance) lay a helpful foundation for organizations exploring the nexus between water, equity and race. Over the course of 4 brief videos, Arnold and Haddock walk the viewer through basic concepts of equity, equality and justice, make the case for the need to focus on anti-racism in water equity work, offer guidelines for engaging in dialogue about racism, present the four levels of racism, and introduce how dominant white culture is reflected and valued in organizations. View the videos here.

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White House Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Tribal Playbook

The White House Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Tribal Playbook is a roadmap for delivering opportunity and investments in Tribal communities. The law provides more than $13 billion in funding to directly support Tribal communities and makes Tribes eligible to apply for or request billions in discretionary, formula, and other funding. In total, this funding represents the single largest investment in Tribal infrastructure ever. To view, the playbook click here.

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