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Gabriella Coughlin

Position: Supervisor Position #6
Term: Term Expires on 06/2025
Appointing Authority: Soil & Water Conservation Commision 

Gabriella Coughlin is the owner and Senior Soil Scientist at  Catena Environmental. Gabby has worked as the  Agronomist/Agroecologist for the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District and has worked with the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service in Oregon and New Mexico, Gabriella’s mission is simple: to liberate soils information that empowers communities with the knowledge to reclaim cultural narratives and inform sustainable land management decisions.

As a professional soil scientist, conservation planner, snow surveyor, and civil rights program manager, Gabriella brings years of experience building partnerships among rural and urban communities across the West to solve complex agricultural and environmental challenges. Born and raised ranching and rodeoing in Nevada, Gabriella received her Bachelor of Science degree in Crop and Soil Science with a Soil Resource Management focus from Oregon State University.

On a personal level, Gabriella is committed to equity, inclusion, and the next generation of land managers.

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