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Erin Blaz

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Erin hails from coastal California where she developed her passion for environmental education and earned her bachelor’s degree from UC Santa Cruz in Environmental Studies and Biology. Her move to Albuquerque was not by accident, for she had always felt a love for the state and people of New Mexico since her first visit in the early 2000s. Since moving to Albuquerque in 2013, she has started a family, founded LivLab Studios Tiny Home business with her husband, and completed her Master’s degree from Lesley University’s Graduate School of Education.  In 2018 she was hired as an educational consultant for RiverXchange and Arroyo Classroom and became the Education Manager for Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District in January 2020. Ultimately, through her work, she hopes that by emphasizing place-based education she can help empower learners of all ages to both protect natural resources for all life and to activate urban places in ways that support ecological resilience.

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