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Envisioning the Action Project

Some highlights of the action project process:

  • Involves students engaging with other classrooms, administrators, stakeholders
  • Involves democratic, criteria-based decision-making
  • Involves asking for change in practices or policies in the community
  • Involves reflection and celebration of the work completed!

Action Projects should address a water resource threat. It is likely your project will fall under one of the following categories:

  • Addressing pollution/waste streams, like liter on your school campus.
  • Addressing water waste through leaks, overuse or food waste.
  • Promoting more green spaces on your campus like food gardens and trees.
Action Project Criteria/Process Guidelines 
  • Student Voice: Student voice is centered in the process
  • Practicality: The process is practical and achievable
  • Civic Engagement: Students interact with community members, stakeholders, experts etc outside of the classroom
  • Impact: Students ask for change that is reasonable and benefits the community
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