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East Mountain Water Harvesting for Wildlife

In collaboration with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bernalillo County Open Space Program, Ciudad SWCD coordinateds a project in which private landowners in the East Mountains could obtain grant funding to install rainwater harvesting structures to provide water for native wildlife.  Landowners were willing to cooperate with USFWS and Bernalillo County to design and install the wildlife waterers, and were required to  take full responsibility for maintenance after the installation is complete.    This project took place in 2015 and has been completed.  

Group of people standing outdoors near a water trough and a small shelter, with a rural or wilderness setting.


What Ciudad SWCD is able to accomplish as a District is largely restricted to the availability and guidelines  of grant funding that are awarded. Ciudad SWCD delivers numerous programs in support of our residents  and our community. Donations are greatly appreciated and allow us to expand our capabilities! Unfortunately as grant funding terminates, Ciudad SWCD is no longer able to provide programing for projects. 

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