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Compensation Reports for All Board Supervisors 

Ciudad Soil & Water Conservation District does not compensate Board Supervisors.  Ciudad SWCD Board Supervisors are elected officals and it has been a decision of the Ciudad SWCD Board to not compensate Board Supervisors for mileage and per deim as Ciudad SWCD does not have annual reoccuring funds. 


According to the Mileage and Per Diem Act  (Chapter 10 Article 8, NMSA 1978) and Travel and Per Diem Rule: (Title 2, Chapter 42, NMAC) Mileage and Per Diem are separate from each other, and are paid from the district budget. Maximum rates are set by the state, but a SWCD may set lower rates commensurate with the district budget. Supervisors may be paid up to $ 95.00 per meeting day for board meetings or properly designated subcommittees of the board. Overnight travel for supervisors or employees can be reimbursed at a rate of up to $85.00 per 24 hour period. If approved in advance, a supervisor or employee may receive reimbursement for actual expenses; must submit all receipts, and the maximum reimbursement for meals is $30.00 per day. Partial day per diem rates are established for travel that does not require an overnight stay. The maximum mileage rate was set by New Mexico legislation and is the Internal Revenue Service mileage rate set in January of the previous year. This allows for adjustment of the mileage rate as fuel prices fluctuate, but also allows a SWCD to properly and adequately budget for mileage.

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