NMDA's Healthy Soil Program

The application period is now closed.

For program updates, please visit NMDA's Healthy Soil Program webpage

Each Healthy Soil Program project submitted for possible grant funding must occur in New Mexico, aiming to improve soil by implementing one or more of five soil health principles:

Individual Applicants 

Individual Applicants are defined as farmers, ranchers, and other land managers; and businesses and nonprofits engaged in farming, ranching, or other forms of land management.  

Resources for Individual Applicants 

Natural Resource Conservation Service 

The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) can provide assistance with conservation planning. 

New Mexico Healthy Soil Working Group 

The NM Healthy Soil Working Group is assembling a powerful network of agriculture and conservation organizations, urban and rural residents, consumers and producers alike, with the goal to significantly accelerate soil health stewardship in the state. We aim to catalyze widespread adoption of management principles that result in greater soil health and associated co-benefits, creating prosperous and strong land based communities, nutritious food, a healthy environment and a viable future for our planet. 

NACD Soil Health Champions Network 

The NACD Soil Health Champions Network (SHCN) is made up of more than 300 farmers, ranchers and woodland owners from across the nation who practice good soil health management on their operations and promote the use of soil health management systems in their communities.

The mission of the SHCN is to increase the adoption of soil health systems by farmers and other landowners nationwide.