Watershed Stewards

Ciudad SWCD is proud to offer Watershed Stewards, a program designed to educate senior citizen residents in Rio Rancho about the all-encompassing importance of local watershed health and engage residents in stewardship opportunities that in turn support a healthy watershed.

2021 Program Schedule

Join us for a FREE educational series that will explore a variety of topics concerning the high desert ecosystem and everyday ways we can care for the land that sustains us. Program is open to all as this year all presentations are held virtually on zoom.

May 5, 10am - 11 am MST

Presenter: Dara Saville

Medicinal Plants of the Middle Rio Grande Valley

Join herbalist and native plant conservationist Dara Saville for this class exploring the native medicinal plants of dryland habitats in the Middle Rio Grande Valley. We will discuss several commonly encountered species that are central to our natural and cultural history. Topics include ecology, edible and medicinal uses, responsible harvesting, and preparations.

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May 12, 10 am - 11 am MST

Presenter: Mikal Deese

Meet Your Neighborhood Owls!

Mikal Deese will bring live wild owls to this session for you to enjoy and learn about. They are unreleasable native owls, residents at ON A WING AND A PRAYER in Corrales. She'll speak about each species, their habits, extraordinary abilities, their importance in our ecological balance and the threats they face while living among us. Be prepared that the nocturnal individuals may be grumpy, having just been awakened from sleep. You've heard of "irritable owl syndrome", right?

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May 19 , 10 am - 11am MST

Presenter: Joanne Hilton

Water Resources in Middle Rio Grande Basin

This talk, with hydrologist Joanne Hilton, will provide an overview of climate, hydrology, and water resource management in central New Mexico, including the Rio Rancho area. Changing climate impacts include higher temperatures, potential drought, and more extreme precipitation. What does this mean for you and what can be done at individual and community levels to help? Join Joanne to ask your questions and find out more!

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May 26, 10 am - 11am MST

Presenter: Kelly White

Let’s Talk about Trees!

Join Kelly White from Tree New Mexico for a conversation designed to acknowledge and share the many challenges and contributions trees make to a community. We’ll talk about how a tree works, and why how it works and what it does influences our lives. And we’ll spend time talking about what we can do to increase that influence making us all healthier and wealthier for a long time to come.

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For questions, comments or suggestions about Watershed Stewards, please contact the program coordinator:

Erin Blaz - ciudadeducation@gmail.com

Thank you to our funders at the Southern Sandoval County Arroyo and Flood Control Authority.