2021 Election Information

Election Background Information

Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District is not subdivided and each Board member represents all property owners within the District. In accordance with the Soil and Water Conservation Districts Supervisor Handbook, property ownership is required for Board Positions 1-4 and Board Position 5 is at-large (no property ownership requirement) [§ 73-20-37(A) NMSA].

In accordance with the Local Elections Act, every registered voter (irrespective of property ownership) who resides within the Ciudad SWCD boundaries is eligible to cast a vote in the Board of Supervisors election.

Board of Supervisors Position 3 Candidates

Zoe Economou (Incumbent)

Zoe Economou owns and operates a small farm in the South Valley of Albuquerque, is a member of South Valley Alliance, and is president of the Los Ranchos de Atrisco/Armijo Community Acequia. She has been active in areas of agricultural preservation and sustainability, particularly as it pertains to urban fringe farming, and she is committed to organic methods of farming. Economou’s special interest is cover cropping, the practice of planting crops such as buckwheat, clover, or legumes to build fertility and hold soil in place rather than leaving fields bare during winter. She points out that many cover crops can thrive on less than 9 inches of water per year (our average rainfall). She also would like to see more farmers growing flax, a great crop that produces food, fiber, and fuel, on less water than it takes to grow alfalfa. In the current drought, which has also been punctuated by dramatic flooding, Economou feels that the Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District’s work is extremely important, especially to farmers. Zoe came on as a Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation Board Supervisor in 2008 and serves in the role of District Treasurer.

Frederick J. Snoy, MD

My Bachelors degree is in Biology/Ecology. I have been interested and passionate about all living things my whole life. I have been in animal husbandry (human) as a practicing physician my whole career. During that time I have owned and operated a llama farm, have been an avid gardener and orchardist. I spend a great deal of time in the outdoors, hiking camping, exploring and bow hunting when I can get a permit. I have run a small business for many years. I live on an acre in the North Valley (sans grass) and my two sons live on the west side.

Board of Supervisors Position 4 Candidates

James Steven Glass, MS (Incumbent)

James Steven ("Steve") Glass earned an MS in Biology from NM State University in 1976. After spending ten years in environmental science research, Steve held environmental compliance positions with local government agencies in the middle Rio Grande Valley for 23 years until his retirement in 2011. Glass was first elected to the Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors in 2003, and has served as Chairman for fifteen of his eighteen years on the Board. In recognition of his life-long commitment to natural resources conservation, Glass has also been appointed to the NM Water Quality Control Commission (2003-2013), the Water Protection Advisory Board (2012-present), the Mid-Region Council of Governments Water Resources Board (2012-present) and the NM Soil and Water Conservation Commission (2014-present). Steve's experience serving on nonprofit Boards includes the Open Space Alliance (2011-present), Environmental Education of New Mexico (2018-present), Cancer Services of New Mexico (2020-present) and the Bosque Ecological Monitoring Program (2021-present). Glass also joined the part-time faculty at Central New Mexico Community College in 2010 and teaches classes in biology and environmental science. Steve is the proud father of three children and grandfather of five grandchildren, and he owns property in northeast Albuquerque where he resides. For additional details, please see Steve's campaign website.

Kaelan Ashby Dreyer

Kaelan Dreyer is a young small farmer currently living and farming in the North Valley.

Since moving to NM a few years back he has deeply loved the outdoors here. He enjoys exploring the natural environment on his bike and also is into Tenkara style Fly-Fishing

After Graduating High School back in 2019 Kaelan has worked in both areas of Conservation and Agriculture. He has worked various farms around Albuquerque and also on a conservation crew at RMYC before starting his own growing operation earlier this year (where he grows primarily Microgreens, Herbs, and Sorghum).

Additionally Mr. Dreyer serves on the board on the local Rio Grande chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition.

Kaelan Dreyer believes his experience as a young autistic adult who has experience working and interests in both Agriculture and Conservation can bring a new and unique perspective to the CIUDAD SWCD board.

He hopes to have merge the two interests together by encourage more sustainable agriculture (such as persuing the NMDA to further deregulate the cultivation of Industrial Hemp to allow more local farmers to grow it).

Kaelan Dreyer can be reached at KD4ciudadswcd@gmail.com